How can I prevent stretch marks in pregnancy?

Being pregnant is a wonderful thing but it brings with it a few discomforts such as tightness, itching and stretch marks. The skin, particularly on the stomach, hips, thighs, upper arms and breasts, is subject to extreme stretching during pregnancy.

It is this stretching that causes stretch marks – fine fissures in the muscle fibres of the subcutaneous tissue.

Which women are more prone to stretch marks?

This is unfortunately determined by our genes and is ultimately dependent on skin type and skin elasticity. Young skin, for example, has less stable collagen than older skin. Women with multiple babies are at greater risk of developing stretch marks because the abdomen and other areas are stretched more rapidly as are those women who put on excess weight during pregnancy. There is no secret to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy 100%. But there are a few things that you can do to best prepare your body for the coming exertions and to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

Here are our top tips:

Healthy diet

It’s not just you who will benefit from a healthy, well-balanced diet – your baby will, too. Another benefit of a good diet is that it can help you avoid gaining too much weight during the pregnancy. Make sure you get plenty of vitamin E. Vitamin E is known as the ‘skin vitamin’ and is found in olive, rapeseed or wheatgerm oil, for example, and also in beans, chillies, nuts, sunflower seeds and linseeds.

Drink, drink, drink

Drinking enough fluids balances the moisture levels in the skin, improving its elasticity. You should drink at least two litres of fluids per day to keep your skin supple.

Physical activity

Sports and movement stimulate the metabolism, for example, a gentle walk in the fresh air. Swimming is particularly pleasant to counteract the feeling of tightness in pregnant skin.

Looking after your body

To prevent and avoid stretch marks, it is important to look after your body. Many pregnant women complain of dry, raw, itchy skin, which is crying out for some care.

Indulge your skin with daily relaxing care. Ardo Natal Anti-Stretch combines proven natural substances that make the skin supple and relieve tightness. Hyaluronic acid provides long-lasting moisture and stimulates the formation of new cells. Wheat germ oil softens the skin and increases its elasticity. Massaging in the cream also improves blood flow in the skin which helps to increase the absorption of substances in the cream.

This ensures that the skin stays smooth and supple, providing it with moisture and vitamins. Another good option for improving the circulation are Kneipp therapies. This simple therapy of alternating hot and cold showers is easy to incorporate into your daily routine. In the shower, you can also massage your body with a brush or a loofah sponge. Simply massage the relevant area with circular motions.