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Tips for genital care after childbirth


In the first few weeks after childbirth (the puerperium), a vaginal secretion called lochia flows out of the uterus through the cervix, which is still slightly open. The lochia flushes residual placental tissue, white blood cells, other blood components, bacteria and mucus out of the uterus.

This increases the danger of a vaginal infection.

When lochia is flowing, the vaginal pH is usually increased which means that microorganisms can grow more easily. And because the oestrogen level after childbirth and when breastfeeding is low, the numbers of the body’s own lactobacilli, which protect the vagina against microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi, decline in the vaginal environment. As a result, infections can ascend much easier from the vagina to the uterus. If you develop signs of a vaginal or uterine infection (fever, lower abdominal pain, smelly discharge), you should immediately see your doctor.

Our tips for genital care after childbirth

To minimise the danger of a vaginal infection, good genital hygiene is very important. Here are some useful tips to follow:

  • Gentle cleaning: rinse your vulva each time you go to the toilet with clear, warm water. Do not use products that contain soap or perfume because these ingredients can upset the vaginal pH.
  • Wear breathable underwear to encourage wound healing
  • Change pads frequently: a moist environment is a breeding ground for microorganisms. This can be prevented by frequently changing pads. Tampons are strictly off-limits at this point. Tampons would further dry out your vagina, which is still sensitive.
  • Restore the vaginal environment: our vaginal gel Ardo Natal Restore helps you to support your vaginal defences after childbirth. It prevents vaginal infections and soothes symptoms such as burning, itching or vaginal dryness and helps to restore your vaginal pH to a healthy level. Ardo Natal Restore therapy should start 2 to 3 days after childbirth as soon as the flow of lochia starts to slow a little. The product is suitable for vegans and is made of completely natural ingredients.