How can I improve my fertility?

However clever natural processes seem, people are not machines, and are subject to many different influences. Most couples do not conceive straight away. Many factors have now been identified which can influence fertility, and there are therefore a whole range of things which you can do to help nature along.

Determine your ovulation times

You can find out when you ovulate by taking an ovulation test, monitoring your menstrual cycle via an app, or measuring your basal body temperature. You can also find out your fertility levels by monitoring the consistency and colour of your vaginal discharge.

If you use the FERTI·LILY Conception Cup on the days when your fertility is at its highest, you can increase your chances of conceiving. It is inserted into the vagina after the semen enter, and pushes the seminal fluid up to the cervix (the opening of the uterus), where the sperm are held in the protective environment of the cervical mucous membrane. This means that more of the sperm survive and so more of them can make their way up into the uterus. The more sperm that reach the uterus, the greater the chance that one of them will reach the egg and fertilise it.

Avoiding stress

Constant stress impacts the whole metabolism, weakening the body and potentially leading to symptoms such as insomnia, digestive problems, tension and inflammatory reactions. Fertility can often suffer under this kind of stress.

Fun & a relaxed attitude to sex

As soon as people start planning to have a baby, their sex life starts to be arranged to suit the calendar. This can often lead to pressure and dissatisfaction. The FERTI·LILY Conception Cup is easy to use at home without disturbing intimate moments. This helps keep sex joyful and pleasurable. And that can be good for your fertility, too.

Healthy diet

Choose unprocessed and local foods. These are generally more nutritious and contain fewer pollutants. Your body should not be suffering from any deficiencies, so a balanced diet with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit is important. When you are trying to conceive and in the first stages of pregnancy, the following are particularly important for your body: Folic acid.

Physical activity

Pregnancy is a major physical effort for a woman’s body, so having reasonable fitness levels can increase the chances of conceiving. Regular sports or activities, preferably outside in the fresh air, help bring the system into balance, stimulate the metabolism, boost the circulation and relieve stress.

Avoid nicotine and alcohol

Smoking reduces fertility in women and also in men. To increase fertility levels, it is therefore important to stop smoking as soon as possible. This also applies to alcohol, which can also have a negative effect on fertility, particularly in the early weeks of the pregnancy when it may not have even been detected. When trying to conceive, you should therefore avoid alcohol.

Normal weight levels

Being over- or underweight often disturbs the hormone balance, which can lead to reduced fertility.