ardo melia

Portable electric breast pumps

The Ardo Melia is a portable electric breast pump that allows you to pump hands-free, comfortably, and efficiently.

No cables, no tubes – quiet, discreet, and uncomplicated. The pumps are worn directly in the bra, allowing you to pump anywhere and anytime. Enjoy the simplicity.


ardo alyssa hands-free

Portable & hands-free pump

Ardo Alyssa Hands-Free is a high-quality portable electric breast pump. The soft collectors are worn directly in the bra, allowing for comfortable, hands-free expression, enabling you to attend to other tasks while pumping. Compact and equipped with a strap, it is easily transportable for optimal mobility during use.


ardo alyssa double

Double electric breastpump

The new Ardo Alyssa is a compact, easy-to-use and innovative breastpump. The automatic power pumping programme and the integrated Memory Plus function for saving your pumping history provide optimum support for you and your needs.


ardo calypso

Electric breastpump

With the compact Ardo Calypso breastpump for personal use, we have set new benchmarks for individual adaptability of a breastpump to meet the needs of the mother. Our breastpumps are quiet and gentle but still powerful, which makes them perfectly suited for discreet expressing at home or on the go.


ardo amaryll

Manual breastpump

The Amaryll Start manual breastpump is the preferred breastpump of many mothers and healthcare professionals. It is comfortable, efficient and safe. Thanks to the ergonomic rotating lever, Amaryll Start is ideal for both left-handed and right-handed mums as well as for mums with small hands.


ardo amaryll kombikit

Conversion kit to manual breastpump

With this kit, you can convert your Ardo pumpset cost effectively and easily to an Amaryll manual breastpump.

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At a glance
  • Complete handle with lid
  • Simply replace the entire lid of the Ardo pumpset
  • Handle can be attached straight or offset to the left or right
  • Can also be easily operated by small hands

Pumpsets and breast shells

Accessories for breastpumps

Your needs can change as you breastfeed and express. You remain flexible with the pumpsets and breast shells from Ardo.


Storage and transport

Every drop of breast milk is precious. Ardo offers a wide range of products that make handling, saving and storing breast milk easy and comfortable.


Spare parts

Have you lost a part for your Ardo pumpset or has a part has been damaged? Not a problem. Ardo has the right spare parts ready for you.


Soothe your pain.

The new Ardo Care Lanolin to soothe sore, sensitive or painful nipples for breastfeeding mothers.