ardo carum

Breastpump for hospitals and hire

With Ardo Carum we have set important benchmarks and thus provide a professional hospital-grade breastpump that satisfies the most stringent demands of mothers and hospital staff. The new hospital-grade breastpump also impresses with additional useful and valuable functions.


At a glance

  • Fully automatic expressing at the touch of a button
  • Powerful double pumping thanks the "DualCylinder" double piston technology
  • Removable and easy to clean double bottle holder / freezer bag holder
  • Entire pump can be wipe disinfected
  • Large colour display with intuitive menu navigation

Closed system with hygiene barrier


Vacuum and cycle can be adjusted separately


Sensitive Programme for sore and sensitive nipples


BPA & BPS free


Our solutions

Optimal safety, hygiene and individual adaptability:

"Sensitive Programme"

In the "Sensitive Programme" the professional hospital-grade pump Ardo Carum pumps with a barely detectable vacuum and cycle, which enables gentle expressing with painful, sore nipples. The settings can also be adjusted in small steps to accommodate the sensitivities of the mother. The gentle expressing programme is available as standard in every Ardo Carum.

Activate "Sensitive Programme":
1. Press On/Off button
2. Press mode button while the Welcome page is displayed so that the Ardo Carum switches to the "Sensitive Programme"

Individual phases

Vacuum level and cycle can be adjusted completely independently of each other. Mothers prefer to be able to adjust the cycle number and vacuum themselves to meet their own needs. Ardo Carum is the first breastpump in which the cycle and vacuum can be regulated separately in both the stimulation mode and the expression mode. In the "DropZone" a stable vacuum is maintained at the set level. This encourages continuous and unimpeded flow of the breast milk. Particularly with a low cycle, the "DropZone" helps with efficient expressing because the milk has more time to flow.

"Closed System" technology

The silicone pot integrated into the Ardo breastpumps is the heart of our "Closed System" technology. It ensures a 100%ige barrier for the breast milk and even for pathogens. The "Closed System" technology protects the breasts, breast milk and the breastpump from contamination and guarantees optimal hygiene. Various individual parts such as the tube do not have to be boiled or sterilised. The barrier protection has been validated by an independent laboratory.


Stimulation mode

Vacuum (suction strength): 30–150 mbar; starting value 60 mbar

Cycles (suction speed): 72–120 cycles per minute; starting value 90 cycles per minute

Expression mode

Vacuum (suction strength): 30–330 mbar; starting value 30 mbar higher than in stimulation mode

Cycles (suction speed): 30–60 cycles per minute; starting value 45 cycles per minute

"Sensitive Programme"

Vacuum (suction strength): Starting value 30 mbar

Cycles (suction speed): Starting value 30 cycles per minute


Breastpump, power cord, transport and storage container

Size (L×W×H)

302 × 240 × 180 mm


3 kg

Power cord length

3 m

Mains voltage/frequency

100–230 VAC / 50–60 Hz


3 years

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