ardo clinicare pumpset

Single-use or
24-h pumpset sterile

The Ardo Clinicare pumpset is suitable for high-yield and gentle expressing of breast milk. It is sterile packed, easy to clean and designed for one mother. Thanks to the closed system, users and breastpump are protected against contamination and cross-contamination.


At a glance

  • No preparation needed before first use
  • Single-use or 24-h use (8× per day)
  • Individually packaged sterile
  • One single-use pump system with hygiene barrier integrated into the breast shell
  • Excellent hygiene and safety standard
  • Easy to use
  • Three breast shell sizes available: 22 mm, 26 mm, 31 mm
  • Mother can clean her personal pumpset for repeated use
  • Reduced work for hospital staff

BPA & BPS free


Our solutions

Optimal safety, hygiene and individual adaptability:

"Closed System" technology

The silicone pot integrated into the Ardo breastpumps is the heart of our "Closed System" technology. It ensures a 100%ige barrier for the breast milk and even for pathogens. The "Closed System" technology protects the breasts, breast milk and the breastpump from contamination and guarantees optimal hygiene. Various individual parts such as the tube do not have to be boiled or sterilised. The barrier protection has been validated by an independent laboratory.

Individual adaptability

The mother can always select the right breast shell for her, regardless of the changing size and shape of her nipples while she is nursing.