one mum pumpset 72h

Sterile pumpset for hospitals

The One Mum pumpset 72 provides optimal conditions for use in the hospital. With no need for sterilisation, only requiring appropriate cleaning by the mother, this pumpset can be used for 72 hours. Saves costs and resources as well as being externally validated. Already successfully used in many hospitals.


At a glance

The mother is given her own sterile One Mum pumpset in the hospital, which she can use for up to 72 hours with no additional sterilisation. During this time, the mother can clean and store the pumpset herself.

  • Economic alternative to single-use and day sets
  • Validated 72-h concept
  • Space-saving and sterile
  • Five breast shell sizes available
  • Environmentally friendly
  • "Ardo Accessory Bag" available for storage

BPA & BPS free


Our solutions

Optimal safety, hygiene and individual adaptability:

"Closed System" technology

The silicone pot integrated into the Ardo breastpumps is the heart of our "Closed System" technology. It ensures a 100%ige barrier for the breast milk and even for pathogens. The "Closed System" technology protects the breasts, breast milk and the breastpump from contamination and guarantees optimal hygiene. Various individual parts such as the tube do not have to be boiled or sterilised. The barrier protection has been validated by an independent laboratory.

Validated procedure

The One Mum pumpset 72 h has undergone an extensive validation procedure. The proven test methods were performed under controlled conditions using relevant reference microorganisms* and human breast milk to simulate a worst-case situation. Summary of the microbiological tests: All microorganisms used for the contamination were successfully removed by the washing and rinsing procedure.


Sterile accessories

All Ardo One Mum pumpsets 72 h are available sterile in all sizes. Massive cost and time savings are guaranteed compared to conventional reusable systems that have to be sterilised.

  • Breast shell insert 72 h* Ø 22 mm
  • One Mum pumpset 72 h Ø 26 mm
  • Breast shell insert 72 h* Ø 28 mm
  • One Mum pumpset 72 h Ø 31 mm
  • One Mum pumpset 72 h Ø 36 mm

*Breast shell insert can be used combined with the next larger breast shell