Instruction breast massage

Breast massage stimulates the blood circulation in the breast as well as the milk flow and has a positive effect on milk production. Massage your breasts gently and avoid rubbing the skin. The massage should never be painful. Don’t forget: wash your hands thoroughly before every massage.

Plata Rueda massage

The Plata Rueda method is especially suitable for a short breast massage before breastfeeding or pumping. Take your breast between your horizontal flat hands and push the glandular tissue to and from.


Then repeat the procedure with your hands vertical.


Marmet massage

The Marmet method is helpful for massaging the breast while feeding or pumping. It is possible to increase the quantity of milk by massaging and feeding or pumping at the same time. The Marmet method can also relieve the symptoms of engorgement

One hand supports the breast. You can then place three or four fingertips of the other hand flat on the breast and massage the glandular tissue with circular movements. Move each of the fingers 2–3 cm and repeat the process until you have massaged the whole breast.