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Breastfeeding positions – what are the options?
You can place your baby in different positions for a feed. You can keep changing them over the course of breastfeeding. It is important to find a relaxed, comfortable position for yourself.
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The most common breastfeeding problems
Almost every mum can breastfeed her baby. But uncertainty, incorrect information or fear can sometimes cause brand-new mums to doubt their own ability to breastfeed. During pregnancy many mums are not fully aware that breastfeeding starts immediately after the birth and that it is a skill that also needs to be learnt.
Breastfeeding and working
You don’t have to wean your baby early just because you’re going back to work. In fact this is a very good reason to carry on breastfeeding. Your baby will miss you when you aren’t there and breastfeeding will satisfy her need to be close to you. However, a certain amount of organisation is called for. It is important to tell your employer early on that you intend to carry on breastfeeding. Ask whether it will be possible to breastfeed at your workplace or to leave the workplace in order to breastfeed or whether you can work from home or express breast milk at your workplace.
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How can I increase my milk volume with pumping?
The latest publications on the subject describe three ways to increase the amount of milk when pumping.
Instruction breast massage
Breast massage stimulates the blood circulation in the breast as well as the milk flow and has a positive effect on milk production.
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Successful breastfeeding
Every newborn baby is a separate individual with her own sleep-wake rhythm. And even the timing …
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Nipple laser therapy: How it works.
Increasing numbers of midwives in Switzerland offer low-level laser therapy for women who are experiencing pain when breastfeeding. This is a high-energy laser beam with a regulatory effect that activates the metabolism of the cells.
Super food: Breast milk
Breast milk contains all the carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and trace elements that your baby needs for optimal growth.