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How do I store breast milk correctly?

The more hygienic the pumping process, the longer the breast milk can be stored. Milk bags are particularly suitable to store breast milk. If possible each portion (60 to 120 ml) should be expressed individually, cooled in the fridge and then frozen immediately.

If you pump several times in 24 hours you can add the freshly pumped breast milk to the milk that has already been cooled. If the milk has already been deep-frozen, cool the freshly pumped milk for half an hour in the fridge first and then add it to the deep-frozen milk. 

Thawing and heating breast milk

Thaw the milk in the fridge or at room temperature. Then warm the milk to about 37°C by immersing in warm water or under running warm water. Breast milk must not be heated in a microwave.

The breast milk may separate into watery and fatty parts when thawed. Shake the milk gently to combine the two parts again. Slight colour changes do not need to worry you either. The milk is not bad and can still be used. Use thawed breast milk within 24 hours and never warm it up twice.