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Breastfeeding and working
You don’t have to wean your baby early just because you’re going back to work. In fact this is a very good reason to carry on breastfeeding. Your baby will miss you when you aren’t there and breastfeeding will satisfy her need to be close to you. However, a certain amount of organisation is called for. It is important to tell your employer early on that you intend to carry on breastfeeding. Ask whether it will be possible to breastfeed at your workplace or to leave the workplace in order to breastfeed or whether you can work from home or express breast milk at your workplace.
Tips for expressing breast milk
Sometimes it can be necessary to use a breastpump, for instance, if a newborn baby only sucks very weakly from the breast so that milk production is not adequately stimulated. Regular pumping can also build up and maintain milk production if mum and baby are separated, e.g. when you return to work or the baby is premature or ill. You can carry on feeding your baby with your precious breast milk and will be better able to continue breastfeeding at a later date.
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How can I increase my milk volume with pumping?
The latest publications on the subject describe three ways to increase the amount of milk when pumping.
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What is the right breastpump and breast shell?
The main difference is between manual and electric breastpumps. An electric breastpump is a good idea if you’ll be expressing milk often.
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How do I store breast milk correctly?
The more hygienic the pumping process, the longer the breast milk can be stored. Milk bags are particularly suitable to store breast milk.
Bottle feeding tips
During breastfeeds a baby experiences a great deal of skin and body contact, security and attention. To make sure that a bottle-fed baby also experiences this closeness it is a good idea to pay attention to the following points.