ardo amaryll start

Manual breastpump

The Amaryll Start manual breastpump is popular with many mothers and healthcare professionals. Thanks to the ergonomic rotating lever, Amaryll Start is ideal for both left-handed and right-handed mums as well as for mums with small hands.

Suction strength and suction speed can be adjusted separately so that the stimulation mode and expression mode can be generated manually.

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At a glance

Individual adaptability

  • The Ardo Amaryll manual breastpump can be used ergonomically by either right-handed or left-handed mums.
  • You can always select the right breast shell, regardless of the changing size and shape of your nipples while you are nursing.
  • With the Ardo pumpset kit, you can convert the Amaryll manual breastpump into a pumpset for the electric Ardo breastpumps.


Closed system with hygiene barrier


BPA & BPS free


What’s in the box?

A - lever
B - casing cover
C - membrane pot with membrane con rod
D - breast shell 26 mm
E - 1 lip valve (+ 1 spare)
F - bottle 150 ml
G - bottle stand
H - lid with lid liner


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