ardo calypso double plus

Electric double pump

Compact, safe, individual and easy to use. The Calypso double breastpump enables gentle expressing from both breasts at the same time, reducing the pumping time to 10 to 15 minutes. Expressing from both sides helps to increase and maintain the milk volume.

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At a glance

Individuality, quality, protection and safety.


Closed system with hygiene barrier


Vacuum and cycle can be adjusted separately


Quiet and gentle expressing


Extended warranty coverage


BPA & BPS free


Operates with batteries and power adapter


What’s in the box?

Ardo Calypso breastpump
2 pumpsets
2 silicone breast shell inserts
2 lid rings with liner
2 tube connectors
Power plug
Bottle holder


Our innovative solutions

Optimal safety, hygiene and individual adaptability:

"Closed System" technology

The silicone pot integrated into the Ardo breastpumps is the heart of our "Closed System" technology. It ensures a 100%ige barrier for the breast milk and even for pathogens. The "Closed System" technology protects the breasts, breast milk and the breastpump from contamination and guarantees optimal hygiene. Various individual parts such as the tube do not have to be boiled or sterilised.

Individual phases

Vacuum strength and pump rhythm can be adjusted independently of one another on all Ardo breastpumps specifically to meet your needs and the individual suction behaviour of your baby.

You can separately adjust both the stimulation and the expression phase at any time.

Individual adaptability
  • You can always select the right breast shell, regardless of the changing size and shape of your nipples while you are nursing.
  • With the Ardo Amaryll Kombikit, you can easily and economically convert your pumpset into the Ardo Amaryll manual breastpump.

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